RE: How to drill-down to more specific SuiteTalk error message when creating vendor bills?


I am running into an error of ‘USER_ERROR: Please choose an item to add’ when attempting to create a vendor bill which has one line that was not on the associated item receipt. I have a script that returns more descriptive error messages for this scenario, however, it doesn’t get called since this error happens prior to the script (beforeSubmit) functions are carried out. Is there no solution here to be able to drill down to more specific error messages? Is this just a NetSuite issue that only NS support can handle?

JJ Rookie Asked on October 7, 2019 in SuiteTalk.
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There is no way to get more detailed error messages. In the case of this error, it is likely the line you attempted to add was invalid and was not accepted, so it saved with no lines at all. In many cases, if you are adding the line via code (I assume you did that), then Ns may not throw an error at all at the point of line insertion – it’ll just silently not do anything, and you only find out when you try to submit.

So, double check your item. Is it extended to the right subsidiary, is it not inactive, does the Bill sublist have a filter that excludes this item as a selection, etc.

Advanced Answered on October 7, 2019.
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