RE: How To create a Netsuite SuiteTalk Search with Logical OR ?

How does one create a Suitetalk search query specifying search terms including a logical OR operator ?

For example, I want to retrieve a customer whose email or company contains specific “word”. Here’s my code that works great for a single search term. It looks like adding another search term appears to create a logical AND.


I also tried to look at CustomerSearchAdvanced but I didn’t find anything useful.


Does anyone know if that is supported in 2020.2 wsdl version ?



var basicCustomerSearchByEmail = new CustomerSearchBasic()
companyName = new SearchStringField()
@operator = SearchStringFieldOperator.contains,
operatorSpecified = true,
searchValue = email
//email = new SearchStringField()
//    @operator = SearchStringFieldOperator.contains,
//    operatorSpecified = true,
//    searchValue = email
var searchResult = netSuiteService.Search(basicCustomerSearchByEmail);


nadeemkhoury Beginner Asked on November 3, 2020 in How To's.
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If you are using Netsuite SuiteTalk SOAP Web Service, chances are it is still not possible to add a logical OR when creating a saved search in your server-side code. If you can, you should create the OR filters into a saved search in Netsuite and then use the created saved search (by using its internal id).

However, if this is not possible, alternate solutions would be to create a RESTlet which can do the job for you for this particular implementation. Another alternate would be to use the Suitetalk REST services where it is possible to provide a query with logical OR operator.

Beware, it has its own limitations and we suggest that you read about them before implementing it.

Beginner Answered on November 5, 2020.
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