RE: How to create a cross-subsidiary Work Order

Hi everyone,

So we have assembly items that are built on order. So usually, when we create an SO that includes an assembly item, on save that SO triggers a Work Order to be created. That’s great.


However, we have a US and Canadian subsidiary. Currently, our CAD subsidiary performs all of the assembly work using CAD inventory.


When we create an SO for a US customer and add that assembly item, it doesn’t allow us. I get this error:


Items supplied by special order or drop shipment must be using an inventory location that is in the subsidiary of the sales order. Please change the inventory location value.


Anyone know a fix for this? Thanks in advance.

MADEYOULUK Rookie Asked on March 31, 2020 in Manufacturing.
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4 Answers

thanks! Quick question though.. do you know if enabling Multi-Subsidiary Customer is required for what I want to accomplish?

Rookie Answered on March 31, 2020.
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