RE: How to add the item expiration date on the Invoice Printout using Advance pdf template

Currently  we are using the advance pdf template on the Invoice. And when you print the invoice it has the serial/lot of the item via field “item.inventorydetail”. However the Finance Requires that the expiration date of the item should also appear on the printout.

However there is no item.expiration date field on the Advance PDF or on the Invoice record it self. Can someone on this forum help oh how to do the required expiration of the item to appear?

Looking forward for your kind response.

Thank you in Advance.

Gam Rookie Asked on October 13, 2019 in Accounting.
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Hello Community,

Just want to share my work around on this problem.

The Advance PDF/HTML Template, i think currently cannot pull data on a Record sublist->subrecord such as Iventory Detail->inventoryassignment data.

I tried ${item.inventorydetail.inventoryassignment.expirationdate} did not do a thing.

The workaround is actually to create a SuiteScript to ADD a Button, and render the PDF Invoice.


If anyone knows how to pull sublist->subrecord or childrecord data on the Advance PDF Template would be great.

Rookie Answered on October 21, 2019.
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