RE: How to add sublist to salesorder from a custom record type?

Goal: Add a sub list of ‘subscription products’ to (all) sales order records in NetSuite.

– I created a custom record type ‘subscription product’.
– The custom record type doesn’t have a ‘record is parent’ field created/configured.
– When I try to create this field, I have no option to select ‘sales order’ record/list type.

– How do I associate the ‘subscription product’ custom record type with the sales order? (child -> parent)?
– I have created a saved search for the ‘subscription product’ record type.
– How do I add this saved search as a sub list to the sales order record?

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2 Answers
  1. Create the custom record type
  2. Add a ‘transaction reference’ field, mark it as ‘Record is Parent’, save the field
  3. Create a saved search for this type of custom record. save as public, check box for ‘allow as sublist’.
  4. Go to customization -> Forms -> Sublists in the header menu bar.
  5. Add the saved search from step 3 as a sublist to transaction record types, specifically order.
  6. navigate to a sales order, confirm there is a new sublist under Custom tab.

These are the steps I took to complete the request.


Thank you for the input.

Rookie Answered on March 9, 2021.
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