RE: How to add sorting to the Transaction Item Option sourced to a Custom Record values?

Hi all,

We have a custom record “Item Option List” with a field “Valid Item Options 1”.
A Transaction Item Option “Finish Options (A)” is sourced from “Finish Type (A)” Item Option List’s Valid Item Options 1
We need to sort these values when displayed while creating/editing a transaction.

I checked but couldn’t find any option available for sorting.

Currently it displays values based on the default internalid sorting.

Please help.


rajkonds Rookie Asked on September 13, 2020 in Order Management.
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1 Answers

If memory serves it is sorting by the name field which is nor completed is the same as the ID, so try setting that or use the  RECORDS ARE ORDERED option.

Beginner Answered on September 14, 2020.
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