RE: How to add custom record’s field in saved search?

I am creating saved search on custom record ‘A’. Putting criteria on ‘A’s custom fields. Now I want to put criteria for custom record ‘B’s custom field on same saved search. Some custom fields are common on both custom record ‘A’ and ‘B’. But Custom field for which I have to add in criteria is available only on custom record ‘B’. How can I put Custom record ‘B’s field in criteria of custom record ‘A’s saved search?

I want to validate that field. Or is it possible through suitescript?
Please Help!

Please Help!

Maira S Beginner Asked on March 1, 2023 in Saved Searches.
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3 Answers

Then you can’t do that with saved searches.

SuiteAnalytics however allows you to join two datasets.

Intermediate Answered on March 1, 2023.
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