RE: How do you filter a list field by the value in another field?



I have created a record type called ‘Allowance forms’

This has the following fields (with the field type in brackets):

  • Employee (list/record type field-sourced from the employee list. dynamic default value=’current user’)
  • Allowance type (drop down sourced from another record)
  • Projects (list record type field sourced from the list of all projects)

What I am trying to do is narrow down the options that show when clicking on the ‘projects’ field

In particular, I don’t want all of the projects of the organisation to display

I want the list of projects the form user is  able to choose from to only include those projects where they have been included as a resource.


How can I do that?



Lefemmenikita Rookie Asked on March 26, 2020 in SuiteBuilder.
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I don’t think you will be able to do this without some sort of customization. The normal approach to do your filtering is to use the Sourcing & Filtering subtab of your field to limit the select options. Usually a combination of the Source List/Source Filter By or the Custom Field Filter sublist. Sadly project resource is not availabe as a Source Filter By option and is not available as a Filter Using option.

You can force this to work by having a script set the Project Resources on a Multiple Select custom entity field on your project. Then you can use that custom field as an option for your Filter Using field and then use your custom employee List/Record field as the Compare To Field.

Advanced Answered on March 26, 2020.

Thank you.


I don’t know how to write scripts though.


Is there another way (e.g. a custom field using a sublist) to narrow down what projects are selectable in a custom field?

on March 26, 2020.

I don’t know of another native way without setting another field to use for sourcing and filtering purposes.

You can try experimenting if you want. You should be able to filter by projects with the employee set in your custom employee  list/record field as the project manager (Job Manager) if you want to see how the filtering options work.

on March 26, 2020.
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