RE: How do I apply a vendor prepayment in installments?

Hi everyone, i’m trying to apply a vendor prepayment on a bill but the bill has installments, an because of this, the bill doens’t show for payment on the Supplier prepayment application.

I found on help the I cannot apply prepayments to bills from vendor installment payments.


I wanna know if there’s a way to bypass this limitation and apply a vendor prepayment on a bill that have installments.


Best regards,


João Santana

joaoSantana Rookie Asked on May 19, 2023 in Billing.
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2 Answers

Hi everyone,

I have exactly the same question! I would like to know if anyone has a solution to get around this limitation (which is absurd in my opinion!) and apply a supplier prepayment on a bill that includes installments !?

Best regards,

Rookie Answered on January 10, 2024.
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