RE: How could you add a “paid in full” date to a transaction saved search?

My team is currently trying to figure out how to add a  date when the invoice was paid in full to a saved search.


nlacyha Rookie Asked on July 11, 2022 in Saved Searches.
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2 Answers

If Date Closed is not purely the date the Invoice was Paid in Full ….

Select the System Notes: Date for a column  (I include the Applying Transaction so I know if it was a Credit Memo)

Saved Search Columns

Use Criteria Expression = Yes where (System Notes: Type = Change and System Notes: New Value contains Paid In Full)

Saved Search Criteria


Saved Search Results

Beginner Answered on July 11, 2022.

Thank you so so much!!

Do you know how to show all invoices on this search?? not just the paid in full ones.

on July 11, 2022.

Do you mean just a list of Invoices?

Remove the Criteria for both System Notes:



on July 13, 2022.

If you remove the Criteria for System Notes, then also remove the Columns System Notes: Date or you will return WAY too many lines. 😉

on July 13, 2022.
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