RE: How can I massively remove items from Commerce Categories?

Is there a way I can do a mass removal of items assigned to a commerce category?

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3 Answers

You can remove anything in NetSuite using the following code.

** This is a really sensitive code ***

————- CODE ————-

var type = ”; // Here a pre-build saved search id filtering only the records to be deleted.

var l = nlapiSearchRecord(type, null);

for(var i =0; i<l.length; i++){


    nlapiDeleteRecord(type, l[i].id);

    console.log(‘Deleted ‘ + type, l[i].id);

}catch(e){console.log(‘ERROR ‘ + l[i].id, e);}

————- CODE ————-

good luck!

Rookie Answered on April 25, 2022.

Thanks! this will come handy, but I don’t want to delete the items from NetSuite, I want to remove them from the Commerce Category they are assigned to.

on April 27, 2022.
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