RE: How can I massively remove items from Commerce Categories?

Is there a way I can do a mass removal of items assigned to a commerce category?

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3 Answers

Try using NetSuite’s suggestion:

(You at your own risk)

1. Create the saved search for the Items

  • Navigate to List > Search > Saved Searches > New
  • Select Items
  • Make sure to populate Search Title and ID
  • Under Criteria:
    • Display Web Site = Yes
  • And under Results put in:
    • Display Web Site
    • Commerce Category Name (So that you will see which category the item falls in to)
  • Click Save

2. Download the saved search to be edited. (Make sure to have a copy of the downloaded file)

  • Go to List > Search > Saved Searches
  • Click on Export (CSV) on your newly created Saved Search for the Categories
  • A pop-up should appear
  • Click Save File then press OK
  • Open the newly downloaded file
  • Edit Display in Web Site to change the categories that you want to remove then set to “No

3. Then import the CSV File to NetSuite

  • Navigate to Setup > Import/Export > Import CSV Records
    • Import Type = “Items”
    • Record type = “Inventory Item”
    • the Upload CSV file
  • Click Next
  • Select ADD OR UPDATE
  • In the Field Mapping make sure all the fields are mapped correctly
  • Put a Import Map Name
  • Click Save

4. Perform a Cache Invalidation Request to refresh the website

  • Navigate to Commerce > Content Management > Cache Invalidation Requests > New
  • New Invalidation Requests
  • Select the domain.
  • Click Clear Cache for the whole domain(s)
  • Click Submit
Rookie Answered on October 18, 2021.
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