RE: How can I deploy the fixed assets from sandbox to production account?

Process to deploy selected /all fixed assets from sandbox to production account

sree2728 Rookie Asked on February 14, 2023 in Fixed Asset Management.
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If you’re familiar with Suitecloud Development Framwork (I’m not) you could probably do something with that. Otherwise your best best is to export and import.  The following SuiteAnswers articles will probably be helpful, depending on your specific situation:

Importing Fixed Asset Records, Answer ID 102970

Importing Asset Depreciation History Records, Answer ID 102972

General Guidelines for Importing Fixed Asset Records, 102969

Guidelines for Importing Mid-life Asset Records, Answer ID 104356

Guidelines for Importing Fully Depreciated or Disposed Asset Records, Answer ID 104357

Intermediate Answered on February 23, 2023.
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