RE: How can I create a Chart bar from a Saved Searches in NetSuite


I was able to create saved searches that collect the number of people working on each project and the regions of those projects. Now I need to create a chart bar (people working in the project x regions) to be displayed in the dashboard. However, the saved search doesn’t give me an option to create a chart. Any ideas, how can I display this information in a chart bar? thks


rddasilva Rookie Asked on December 27, 2020 in Projects.
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2 Answers

A simple solution would be to take advantage of the NetSuite Analytics Workbook functionality.


  1. Click on the Analytics tab in your top menu to get started
  2. Go to the dataset subtab of the Analytics page, create a new Dataset
    • On the left side you choose your “tables”.
      • For Example, if you want transaction body fields you create a “Transaction” dataset, and click on “Transaction” in the left side bar. The body fields will then display to the right of that selection.
      • All possible tables you can join are listed below that (e.g., >Transaction Line, or > Entity)
    • Choose the same fields you use on your saved search and save the dataset
  3. Next, create a new Analytics workbook (assumptions below)
    • Visualization Type = Chart
    • Layout = Stacked Column Chart
    • X-Axis = Project
    • Color Stack (Series) = Region
    • Measures = Employee (Count)
    • Define properties (axis labels, etc.)
    • Save
  4. Personalize your dashboard and add the “Analytics” portlet
    • Click on the top right corner to access the menu to setup your portlet > click setup
    • Select your chart (I believe custom charts populate towards the bottom)
  5. Publish your dashboard as desired


Hope this helps!

Rookie Answered on December 28, 2020.
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