RE: How can I be trained in NetSuite for just the needs of my position (Warehouse, Inventory, Packing, etc.) without costing the company money?

I want to make sure I can maximize my usage of NetSuite, so I have been trying to find things on YouTube, or pamphlets online.  Nothing is entirely that helpful.  Is there a way to be at least somewhat knowledgeable in my area without asking the company to pay for a training slot?

First, identify what modules do you need.

Second, try to look for those modules on the internet. I’m sure there are bunch of resources out there 🙂

on July 27, 2020.
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Hi there,

Certified in NetSuite will help you get a job and promotions. I understand the situation here and I suggest you take NetSuite Training, it will help your career and it is an added advantage.

Good luck!

Rookie Answered on August 14, 2021.
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