RE: How can I batch invoices into customer payments using the REST API?

Hi all,

Having trouble creating/transforming invoices into customer payments using the REST API. I have no issue transforming an invoice into a customer payment like so:

POST {{REST_SERVICES}}/record/v1/invoice/4960/!transform/customerpayment 

However I’d like to add multiple invoices to a customer payment in one API call, and I’m not sure how to do that. When I structure my request like this;

How can I batch invoices into customer payments using the REST API?

I get the following error:

“type”: “”,
“title”: “Error while accessing resource: You have attempted an invalid sublist or line item operation. You are either trying to access a field on a non-existent line or you are trying to add or remove lines from a static sublist.”,
“status”: 400,
“o:errorCode”: “USER_ERROR”
Ideally I would be able to transform multiple invoices into a customer payment…perhas by using the transformation of customer->customerpayment. But I’m not sure how to include multiple invoices that way.
Jonathan Rookie Asked on August 28, 2020 in SuiteTalk.
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I posted back in March 2021 that the solution here was working well for me. 5 months later, changes in the REST API appear to have broken this. Some of our test cases now throw this error that were previously working on the same records with the same code. CustomerPayment is still a beta record, so I can’t complain.

Instead, we’ve been creating simple RESTlets one by one to replace REST API calls that have proven unreliable. Rock solid.

Rookie Answered on August 20, 2021.
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