RE: Have multiple default emails on Customer record? Or set up workflow to email credit memos to multiple contacts? How?

I am wondering if it’s possible to either:

  1. Have multiple emails listed in the default email on the Customer records (not contact section)


  2. Have a workflow or process that whenever a credit memo is sent it sends to all contacts assigned to the Accounts Receivable role.

How would i do this?

SuiteLyfe Rookie Asked on September 13, 2019 in Billing.
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3 Answers

It needs to be scripted.  We have built an application to manage that.  It’s scripted and uses  a ruleset to determine what, when, who, etc for contacts related to a client that has a transaction that needs emailing.

Rookie Answered on September 13, 2019.

Thank you, i sent an email to

on September 13, 2019.
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