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I have a user that is needing access to other departments besides their own and subordinates. We currently have their role restricted by department to own and subordinates only, but they are needing access to two other departments. Is there a way to achieve this without giving permissions to all departments?

NetForce Rookie Asked on February 27, 2020 in Administration.
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Not really, no.  This is why it’s critical to setup your hierarchical structure for Departments/Classes/Locations based on how you will assign restrictions.  Essentially, a single user cannot have access to two different leaf nodes in the hierarchical tree, so you have to make sure all the departments are grouped/branched based on how you will assign permissions/restrictions.

That said, technically speaking, there IS a way to do what you want, but I really strongly recommend against this because it creates all kinds headaches in terms of user and role management, especially, if you ever plan to build any scripting or workflows (e.g. approval workflows) on top of individual users or the role they are assigned.  While you can’t assign a single user that kind of access, you can create another employee record with access to NetSuite.  If you assign that other employee record the same email address as the first one, both will still only take up 1 user license and the user should have two different roles in their dropdown with the associated (department) settings.  Additional drawbacks include that if you select the same roles for the two employee records, it’s not apparent from the role dropdown which one is associated with which department, and they have to swap roles back and forth to look at the different departments (no way to view them simultaneously).  If you can’t tell already, we did this (for location restrictions) in our account, and as an admin it is a NIGHTMARE to deal with on a daily basis.  Unless your company truly cannot function without this ability, just tell whoever is asking “it’s not possible” and let them live in blissful ignorance of this horrible workaround.

Intermediate Answered on March 2, 2020.

Thanks James! I figured as much but wanted to verify. They will live out a very blissful ignorant work life!

on March 2, 2020.
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