RE: Getting error when editing Advanced PDF/HTML Templates

I’m receiving the following error when previewing the NOAM – Charges Invoice PDF/HTML Template.

Failed to "?eval" string with this error:

Syntax error in ?eval-ed string in line 1, column 8:
Encountered "ipsum", but was expecting one of these patterns:

The failing expression:
==> data?eval [in template "template" at line 290, column 110]

FTL stack trace ("~" means nesting-related):
- Failed at: #if (data?eval)?? [in template "template" at line 290, column 104]


rfenyves Rookie Asked on June 2, 2023 in Other.
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5 Answers

Based on the reference to “ipsum” in line 6 of the error, I’d guess you’re getting that error when NetSuite attempts to validate the template and is throwing in some lorem ipsum text. Do you get that error if you save anyway and test with real data?

Rookie Answered on September 22, 2023.
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