RE: Get work orders via services/rest/record and services/rest/query


I can get list of orders or a particular order using REST Record service i.e. with get http request to

But if I try to do the same via REST Query service i.e. with post http request to

with payload {“q”: “select * from workorder”}, I’ve got an error


"type": "",

"title": "Bad Request",

"status": 400,

"o:errorDetails": [


"detail": "Invalid search query. Detailed unprocessed description follows. Search error occurred: Record 'workorder' was not found.",

"o:errorQueryParam": "q",

"o:errorCode": "INVALID_PARAMETER"




Could somebody please explain to me the difference in record and query services? Why quering does not work for workorder?


Digit64 Rookie Asked on May 18, 2022 in Manufacturing.
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2 Answers

Hello Chris,

I’ve got it. Thanks a lot!

Rookie Answered on May 24, 2022.
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