RE: Fixed Assets won’t depreciate or show on Asset Report

I have imported mid life assets as instructed on SA with the relevant fields. Following on from that, I have also imported a historical depreciation record for each asset previously imported. However, when I then continue to run either the Depreciate assets transaction or Asset report, I get no results . Any pointers?

NO_DATA_FOR_REPORT: Report data is not available for the combination of filters you selected.

Should be 100 odd records!


LarryNelson Rookie Asked on September 13, 2019 in Fixed Asset Management.

can you add the screenshot?

on September 13, 2019.
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Look up SuiteAnswers 82184


Customer has encountered an error “NO_DATA_FOR_REPORT: Report data is not available for the combination of filters you selected” when trying to generate report. 


Possible sources of this error is that no depreciation histories (DHRs) have been generated for the asset. If there are DHRs associated, please double check whether depreciation expense has already been recorded for the asset such that there is journal entry associated with depreciation history covered by the parameters. You will know this by checking the posting reference column of the Depreciation History of the asset.

To illustrate, assuming that you generated Depreciation Monthly Report with the following parameters:

* Asset Type = AAA Type; Start Date = 1/1/2019 to End Date = 3/31/2019; Subsidiary = Subsidiary A

* If the depreciation histories covered by period 1/1/2019 to 3/31/2019 do not have any journal entries associated with them as indicated by posting reference, the error “NO_DATA_FOR_REPORT: Report data is not available for the combination of filters you selected” will be encountered

* The solution for this would be to perform Asset Depreciation involving the period 1/1/2019 to 3/31/2019 so that journal entry would be generated and this will be captured on the posting reference column of Depreciation History.

* After successful depreciation, users might try to generate the report again. Please ensure correct parameters, especially the dates, are used.

Advanced Answered on September 13, 2019.
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