RE: Email PDF Results, currently not emailing all results, why?

I have a need to email out a Sales Recap on a daily basis to about 17 different Sales Reps. I have all my saved searches created, they are displaying the correct results, but when it comes down to emailing it out at 4AM it is only emailing a percentage of their delivered orders for the day.

When i go back to the search and display results it’s all there. When I manually generate a PDF, it looks great. But why does it not email all the results when it is scheduled?

I found out that if it’s taking too long to pull the search it will quit and move on to the next scheduled search so I added extra time in between each scheduled search. I first tried 5 minutes, then tried 10 minutes apart, and it is still not emailing all the results.

Any suggestions?

Edit: No matter what format i choose (PDF, CSV, Email body) the results are capped. The largest single sales rep report could be up to 1000 lines but the average is anywhere from 100-500 lines on any day.

SuiteLyfe Rookie Asked on September 10, 2019 in Saved Searches.
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Why not try creating a Sales by Sales Rep report and then scheduling it to send email?

RE: Email PDF Results, currently not emailing all results, why?

Beginner Answered on September 11, 2019.

I don’t believe i can go this route because I need to be able to show what was “Out” for the day. Which, you cannot reach “Backorder” without doing a formula, hence, saved search was a better choice than reports. UNLESS i am missing something… i need to be able to have some sort of search or report emailed that has the Outs on it for the day.

thank you for the help, i do appreciate it.

on September 11, 2019.
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