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Can anyone help?  Does anyone know if its possible to have discounts on the line item level, not as a separate item but discounting the actual item on the same line


Yoggy42 Beginner Asked on October 24, 2019 in Order Management.
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Not really. As you have already identified, Discount items are normally used for this. They produce the mechanical advantage of being able to divert the discounted value to another GL Account. If you don’t use them, then there are various schemes possible to make “discounts”, such as using Price Levels, but all of these mechanisms will simply reduce the value of the item, i.e. the revenue posting.

If you’re ok with the “discount” simply reducing the sales price (revenue) of the item and not posting to a different account, then Price Levels are your best bet.

If you want to sales to post to a different GL Account, there are no other options than to use Discount items.

Note that if your ultimate worry if how the customer-facing invoice PDF looks (i.e. you don’t want to print out Discount lines), then you can resolve that by programming your Advanced PDF Layout to “squish” the Discount and the Item so they print out as one line only. This requires some know-how though, so maybe plan a little bit of money to hire a consultant to do it.

Advanced Answered on October 24, 2019.
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