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Hey Netsuite Pro’s.

I’m having some issues trying to locate and edit files that relate to the Cart page in a site using Site Builder.

I have experience with SCA but not so much with SiteBuilder. I can see how the templates are put together and how to display variables and trigger functions from the HTML.

I’ve looked in the file cabinet and the ‘Web Site Hosting Files’ are empty, and there are no scripts that relate to the cart.

So my question is, how do I create a new field in the cart that will display data from a custom record? Or can I add a row to the options in the ‘Set Up Website => Cart’ where the other fields are added?

Any help would be amazing, I’ve been searching through the internet and can’t find anything that references this issue.




Marts2390 Rookie Asked on October 11, 2019 in SuiteCommerce.
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If it’s the standard cart, you’ll probably have to add a script in the page header, do a pattern match on the URL to see if you’re in the cart, then use jquery or similar to force additional code into the page as required. Sitebuilder really wasn’t built to accommodate this kind of customization.

If you’re familiar with SCA, it may be better to look at the official Netsuite Reference Cart bundle, which basically bolts the SCA checkout process onto Sitebuilder.

Beginner Answered on October 16, 2019.
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