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Hi folks,

My project team wants to give customers, in their customer centers, the ability to view some project information. Is this possible? I know that the customer center is really limited, but I’ve already seen a partner that made something similar in the past, but I didn’t succeed to make it on my own or found anything meaningful about it on SuiteAnswers.

Do you guys have any tips or recommendations on how to do it?


Thanks in advance.

lfgama Rookie Asked on October 3, 2019 in Projects.
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If you just need to them to view the data (and not actually enter records/transactions) I believe you can do this with saved searches.  Check out “Customizing the Customer Center Role” SuiteAnswers Id: 9897 as a starting point (there’s a section in there about saved searches).

If you actually need them to be able to create/edit records, my understanding is that this is not possible out-of-box.  Basically, if you want to give any of those limited access roles (customer, employee, partner centers) access to some record that is not part of the standard setup then you have to create a custom record that is basically a shadow-copy of the information you need from the standard record type and then use scripts/workflows to send information between the custom record and the standard one.  It’s a giant PITA, and possibly against NetSuite policies (as I’m sure they would want to charge you for the full licenses).  In lieu of this, I have seen certain NetSuite customers negotiate with their account rep for “limited access” user licenses (they really are just the standard user licenses, but you promise to only use them for the limited actions that you need those users to be doing that are not included in the customer/partner/employee center) at a significant discount from the standard user licenses.

Hope that helps!

Intermediate Answered on October 11, 2019.

Thank you JamesMorris, once that the customer only needs to view information, I’ll try to make it through saved searches as you mentioned.

Best regards and have a nice week.

on October 14, 2019.
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