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I am trying to customize NS to handle our shipping. We buy items for people overseas and have SF containers going out every few months. We receive these items into inventory and put them in a bin that corresponds to the country of destination. We also allow customers to order items themselves and have them sent to us and these also go into these bins. When we have enough cargo for a country we load the items into a container. How should I go about keeping track of the items that we do not buy? We really only care about the volume of the box and customs value.  We would then distribute the total shipping charge per the volume of their items.  We typically have around 50 customers

CableFish Beginner Asked on November 19, 2020 in Administration.
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My feeling is that your Netsuite model needs to reflect the real world. You would need some custom tables to represent what you have

SF Containers are a custom record which will have dimensions, references, end locations, your goods being added, customer goods being added. I’m thinking this is a  manifest list onto which you are adding lines.

Customer goods also are custom records or a sub table of a SF Container so you can add these to the volume.

Some maths to calculate your total container volume minus your goods volume  minus third party volume.


Look at what you have now and model it in Netsuite. I have seen SuiteApps which help with optimising containers but not sure if it directly applies here.

Beginner Answered on November 23, 2020.
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