RE: Custom online case is creating a new lead for and existing contact/customer

I’ve created an custom online case form that is just for one specific customer, when I go to test this out it is creating a new lead for an existing contact, I’ve tried adding the &companyname=XXXX to the URL but it is still creating a new lead.  Is there anyway to get the the companyname to link to the existing company and then search that companys contact list for an existing contact?

DKelly Rookie Asked on September 23, 2019 in Support Management.
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This answer from suiteanswers resolved the isuue for me


Online Case Form- Case Created Associated to Anonymous Customer

Published 01/28/2014 07:27 AM   |    Updated 08/23/2019 02:56 AM   |    Answer Id: 36266
When a case is created via the Online Case Form, it may be associated to an Anonymous Customer, instead of an existing or a new Customer/Contact. Please follow the steps below in order to associate the case to a new customer or an existing one: Navigate to Setup > Support > Online Case Form and edit your Online Case Form. In the Set Up Workflow tab, please set the following: Use Duplicate Detection = False Handle duplicate records = Update the first record created Create Customers as Companies = False In the Select Fields tab, please set Search column = True for either: Company field – This will detect if an existing record with the same Company Name exists. Email field – This will detect if an existing Customer record has the same exact email address. Save. Navigate to Setup > Support > Support Preferences > External tab and set: Create New Lead on No Match = True Save. This should properly associate the created case to the Contact (new or existing one) instead of associating it with an Anonymous Customer.

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Rookie Answered on September 25, 2019.
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