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I have worked with multiple ERPs only for the purpose of Integration with CPQ tools, either on Salesforce, MS Dynamics or whatever it is called today and others. One of feature I frequently used was either creation of a unique Item based on certain selections or creation of a new variant (more often) on the fly when placing the order .

So we sell H/W and well as software products as subscriptions. Currently we have over 20K SKUs in Salesforce, a lot more in the ERP. We are moving to NetSuite as our ERP.

I want to convert a lot of the Subscription SKUs that were created to manage various combinations for pricing or discount purposes or both  into a SKU+Attribute. I do not want to create the Variant unless SKU+Attribute is actually selected on the Order.

There is no need to create them upfront since there are no BOMs so to speak and have already gone through Provisioning. It solves a lot of problems in syncing the product catalog and not having SKUs created due to the drastic change in Product Definition.

Well, I come here with great humility and even greater expectations.


Thank You 

casadapinga Rookie Asked on October 26, 2022 in Items.
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I have been doing this for a long time, just not with NetSuite and yes I normally would defer to the implementation team. I was clear that I have very little knowledge of NetSuite but I do my research. If I had any kind of faith in the competency of the implementation team I would not be here asking questions. So well thanks for your response I guess.

Rookie Answered on October 27, 2022.
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