RE: Creating a Saved Search that filters down to orders with only one line item.

I’m trying to create a search in Netsuite that collects orders with only one item on the line sheet. The item itself can have any quantity, I just need to pull orders with only a singular line item on them. Any help with this would be wonderful. Thank you.

(I have tried summary criteria: count lineid/internal id is equal to 1. In my results it splits up the orders by line items but doesn’t exclude orders with multiple line items.)




Order #1 has 1 apple.

Order #2 has 10 oranges

Order #3 has 10 apples and 10 oranges


I need the search that pulls up order #1 and #2 but excludes #3 since #3 has two line items on it.

Hamman Rookie Asked on May 5, 2020 in Saved Searches.
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Use a summary filter since you are interested in grouping of lines. Group your search result columns by something unique like Internal Id then add a summary criteria filter where the: Count of Line Unique Key is 1.  The filter used doesn’t need to be Line Unique Key, it just needs to be some filter that has a unique value for each item line.

Be sure to add regular filters to exclude things like the Main Line, Shipping Line, Transaction discount, and Tax Line.

Advanced Answered on May 5, 2020.
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