RE: Create a User Event Script to revoke access to Reallocate item page

I’m trying to create a user event Script to deny access to the page Reallocate Items.

I cannot revoke this access or change the permission on the Role, because my Sales Team needs to Edit Sales Orders and this permission uses the same permission.

I’m trying to use this, but it is not working.

function userEventBeforeLoadRealloc(){
//or (nlapiGetRole()!=1040)// 3 is the internal ID of the administrator role. Specify which roles will be allowed access to the page
throw nlapiCreateError(‘ERROR’, You are not allowed to access this page’);

maldonado Rookie Asked on November 2, 2022 in Inventory.
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2 Answers

Hi Chris.

I’m new to scripts.

I did one that fulfilled some information based on the subsidiary on the inventory adjustment form.

Can you help me to make it work?

Thank you.




Rookie Answered on November 17, 2022.
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