RE: Copy PO line field value when line is clicked for edit

I am trying to track changes made to the field ‘Expected Receipt Date’ at the PO line level. If the user changes the value, I need to copy the original value from this field to another cusom field at the same level. I tried using client script but somehow not able to derive the value at lineinit or any other trigger. For example, if the expected delivery date is changed from 20-Oct to 25th Oct, the next custom field need to hold 20th for future reference.

VishalThoughts Beginner Asked on October 10, 2023 in Purchasing.
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if you just need to track the change on save, you can use a UE script in beforeSubmit or afterSubmit and compare the context.oldRecord to the context.newRecord. If the value of the ERD on a line changed, update the custom field with the value from the oldRecord

Beginner Answered on October 10, 2023.
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