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I need to change the cost of specific lots of a given item in inventory that is configured with Lot Numbered costing method.  The Inventory Adjustment page won’t allow me to do this, so I am wondering if there is either another screen somewhere in the system or a way to accomplish this using SuiteScript.

Example: I have part number ABC123 and there are three lots in inventory: lot ABC123-1, lot ABC123-2, and lot ABC123-3.  Each lot has a different cost.  I need to change the cost of lot ABC123-2 from whatever it is to $0.

NetSuite support is “investigating the issue” but I think someone should have surely had to do this already.  Any ideas?  Thanks!

frank33210 Rookie Asked on December 10, 2021 in Accounting.
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2 Answers

If it’s not on hand/available then you need to consider either adjusting inventory per above prior to the date which inventory was decremented, or using Journals to correct inventory valuation balance

Beginner Answered on January 26, 2022.
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