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I’ve been a CPA for 15 years and a controller for 10.5 and also have a background in public accounting.  I feel I am very qualified for a number of roles, but I have spent the past year working exclusively as a fractional controller for NetSuite clients.  My current role was changed, so I’m ready to move on.  I would love to stay in the NetSuite realm, and more specifically as a consultant.  I’ve been looking and looking, but I’m finding that I do not have the minimum experience for what I would like to do, so believe I’m going to have to take somewhat of a step backwards and accept a role that’s not necessarily commensurate with my years of experience as a whole.

Wondering how other folks got into the consulting industry…and bonus if you know of anyone who might be hiring for a more junior level role and would be willing to train and provide opportunities for growth.

MeganL Rookie Asked on August 17, 2022 in Jobs.
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Hello All,

If anyone has issues with NetSuite Accounting, then they visit Ledger Labs. They are providing NetSuite ERP Services from NetSuite Integration to Bookkeeping.

Thanks & Regards

Rookie Answered on February 14, 2023.
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