RE: Can’t Create Purchase Order from Sales Order with Service for Resale Item

Is there a way for NetSuite to handle this?  We cannot figure out how, maybe there is a setting we need to change?

wcoburn Rookie Asked on February 26, 2020 in Order Management.
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The setting for “special order item” simply indicates that every time you have a sale for it, the system will generate a PO for it.  However, I have bad news.  The ability to auto-generate the PO for a service item for resale doesn’t exist.  Please see this article.

If it was me, I would just create a non-inventory item for resale and name it “service item”.  Non-inventory items for resale and service items for resale are not the same… but they have a lot of similarities.

Intermediate Answered on February 26, 2020.

We were previously doing that, but there are tax consequence for selling a “service”, versus selling an “item”.  Using the non-inventory item tag still says that it’s  a tangible good, so it’s taxed differently than a service event.

on February 26, 2020.

I am having the same issues, did you find a resolution (outside of a non-inventory item)?

on August 27, 2020.
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