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We are in the start of implementing purchase orders in our environment. Right now we receive bills and we would like to match these to already created POs. The data for the POs comes from another system and is uploaded prior to us receiving the bill from the supplier.

Now, this would be a pretty large flow, so billing every PO manually would be very time consuming. Is there a way as most systems do it where you receive a bill, and add the PO number on the vendor bill form? Or what is the normal procedure for matching a bill with a PO?

Can anyone describe how you are working with POs for some inspiration?

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Krille12 Rookie Asked on December 12, 2019 in Purchasing.
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You can specify the PO that a Vendor Bill is associated with when it’s imported. For example via CSV you can specify the ‘Vendor Bill: Purchase Order’ field and it will associate the created bill to that PO. If you have the data already you can generate the Vendor Bill entries as needed via CSV or other means and associate them to the existing PO.

Generally though bills are entered manually against the PO one by one or integrations are used to automate the process. Bills should be double checked by humans, or robust automation for accuracy.

Beginner Answered on December 13, 2019.
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