RE: Automatically integrating Fedex Invoices down to the line item.

Hello everyone,

Disclaimer: I’m a total newbie to Netsuite in general and an assistant to the actual Netsuite admin for our company. So dumb the answers down as much as possible, if you’d kindly.

Question: Right now we have Fedex linked to our Netsuite account to print integrated shipping labels and keep tabs on tracking numbers. That said our accountant still has to manually put in the invoices from Fedex into Netsuite when we receive them. We were wondering if there was anyone who had experience of connecting Netsuite to Fedex through their API so that we eliminate that step and have the invoices directly dumped into our Netsuite.

If anyone has any insight into this that’d be wonderful.

Hamman Rookie Asked on April 27, 2020 in Billing.
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I have tons of integration experience in Netsuite but not with Fedex in specific. But according to other WMS integrations I’ve built you can easily do it if you are fully integrated with the WMS which means that you declare an order line (the Netsuite order line) when you export orders you should receive / fulfill (usually you use this ID for create fulfillment automatically) because their data contains reference to your order line (so your fullfillment / invoice line) and so you can easily find the line you should attach the document. But maybe has not been implemented because years ago it wasn’t possible to use a document field as a column field.

Rookie Answered on April 28, 2020.
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