RE: Automated Intercompany Purchase Orders to Sales Orders

I am setting up automated intercompany transactions for a customer and I have come across a problem when converting an Intercompany PO to an Intercompany SO.

The customer have a number of custom columns on the transaction lines, however when using the Manage Intercompany Sales feature these columns are not being copied for the PO to the SO when the SO is created.

The feedback I have from NS Support was
“Current behavior of the system right now is that it copies over default fields from the Intercompany PO to Intercompany SO and there is no way to change what fields it copies over via the NetSuite Interface. It is hardcoded into the system and the only way to change it is to implement a customization Workflow. ”

Really, is this right has anyone else found this, and so I don’t go reinventing the wheel has anyone found a way around this.

Rhys Gottwald Beginner Asked on October 13, 2020 in Accounting.
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Thank you KAJA, but, if I have a WF that executes on a SO I cannot interrogate the lines on the PO to get the values, how are you proposing is get these values?

Beginner Answered on October 13, 2020.
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