RE: Any Suggestions regarding this will be appriciated.

Step 1:: On a SalesOrder, Create 2 custom fields (Free form text) named “Popup Value 1” & and “Popup Value 2”. Show them in the primary information section (Main Tab) on the sales order.
I have done this  Step 1 ,But don’t know where to start Step 2.Need  guidance from any expert 
Step 2:: When clicked on Save button after filling the required fields on the sales order, You need to capture the submit event on client side using client script and show a popup that will show 2 text fields for user to enter values in with the labels as the custom fields and a button. On click of the button the values of the popup should be set in the custom fields of the SalesOrder and then the original save function should resume after that.
I have to accomplish in SuiteScript 1.0

pandya885 Rookie Asked on March 9, 2021 in SuiteScript.
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You have to use the client script for the pop-up and create fields and buttons. once click the button have to use pure Javascript functions(like onclick etc.. ) gettting those field values and set the data in sales order custom fields.

Beginner Answered on March 9, 2021.
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