RE: After a sales order is created and saved, can it be analyzed for a set of rule violations and held on hold?

We have two types of holds in our current software…sales hold and credit holds.

Current software:

Orders are automatically sent to sales hold when items are from a certain vendor, andĀ manually sent to sales hold when the inside sales representative needs to confirm information.

Orders areĀ automatically sent to credit hold when the customer has an open A/R balance, the order regardless of customer is greater than $750, order exceeds credit limit, (NetSuite’s version of the “order exceeds credit limit” …even though you can just click OK and proceed on NetSuite..), etc.

The order then goes to a queue – think of a “status” between Sales Order and Item Fulfillment — that is flagged for review by the users with the rights to approve orders.

It seems to implement this in NetSuite we would have to create additional WorkFlows, or implement a software such as this one:


Does anyone have experience or recommendations for this?


Kayla Jane Rookie Asked on February 20, 2020 in Order Management.
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Workflows is your best bet to accomplish this. You can use saved searches with them to categorize the automatic and manual streams to different workflow states. I’m not sure how to tie in the review by the users with the rights to approve orders, as I haven’t yet implemented something like that but it’s certainly possible as the Approval Work Flows implement this so I would look there for an example.

Beginner Answered on February 20, 2020.

Are you able to direct us to where we can find more information about workflows and Approval Work Flow?

on March 11, 2020.
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