RE: Advanced Approvals – Send back to State 0 after clicking new “Re-Open for Edits” button

I’m working on augmenting the NSTS | GAW – Approval workflow, specifically for POs (have different copies of the workflow for the different record types).

I’m trying to add a new button to the Approve/Super Approve states labeled “Re-open for Edits” that, on click, will effectively re-set the workflow, allowing the user to make edits, re-Submit, and have the PO go back through the approval process. I’ve built simpler versions of this from the ground up before.

On click of the new button, I currently am transitioning to a new Re-Open for Edits state, and then immediately back to State 0. The user edits the PO and saves, then clicks “Submit”, however at this point the PO transitions through State 1, then State 2, and then immediately to State 5 (approved), rather than remaining in Pending Approval awaiting a user to click “Approve”.

It seems obvious that some variable or condition is not being met, and the workflow thinks that the PO is already approved or that it doesn’t need to be checked again. I just cannot seem to find out which variable needs to be reset (and whether it’s possible at all).

Despite the complexity of this workflow, the fields/logic involved seem to make me feel like this should be possible, and I believe I’m just missing something small here. Hoping anyone else may have a notion of what to do.

Alex Placito Advanced Asked on May 12, 2020 in SuiteFlow.
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I believe I resolved this: had to add the custom WF Action ‘NSTS | GAW – Global Delete ApprvrList WA’ to the interim Re-Open for Edits state. Need to test thoroughly but on first glance this looks to resolve the issue. Only downside is not maintaining the original Approver list, but given that we are effectively ‘resetting’ the transaction, I think that’s in line with expectations.

Advanced Answered on May 12, 2020.

Thanks for following up on your post!  I’m needing to develop a similar solution – needing to edit approved transactions and resubmit is a pretty common occurrence for us.

on September 15, 2020.
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