RE: Additional price column in the price level sublist

is it possible to add an additional price column in the price level sublist on the item record ?

okcohen Rookie Asked on September 25, 2021 in Items.
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I am not sure if you are referring to quantity pricing. In the item record,  In the lower section of the Sales/Princing tab (under the Pricing sublist) it is located the pricing grid by currency. The left-hand column shows the available price levels. These are the rows of pricing information. Across the top are the quantity columns.  These allow for price breaks based on quantity purchased.

The number of quantity columns is controlled by an accounting preference:  Setup->Accounting-> Accounting Preferences-> Item/Transactions subtab-> Sales & Pricing -. Maximun # of quantity-based price levels.

I hope this helps.


Edo Aroni

Beginner Answered on September 25, 2021.
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