RE: A field which returns a value that is a multiple of another value

I have a integer field on the item record called the “pack size”  {packsize}

I would like to create a new integer field “minimum order quantity” {MOQ}.

The requirement is to make the {MOQ} field only allow a user to enter a multiple of the {packsize}.

Can someone assist me with a formula that I could use in a workflow or on the field setup to restrict entry of the {MOQ} so its only multiples of the {packsize} field?



IF {pack size} = 6

THEN {MOQ} = should only allow values = 6,12,18,24,30…etc.

yoantny Rookie Asked on June 5, 2020 in Items.
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2 Answers

Sounds kinda like you need a client script to validate the value entered on fieldChanged.

Intermediate Answered on June 5, 2020.
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