RE: Popup message on sales order when certain item added

I am want to create a popup message/alert when certain items are added to a sales order.

This can be immediately after the item is added or upon saving the record. I have tried via workflow but it does not seem that Show Message action is available for line items?

Margie Rookie Asked 2 days ago in How To's.
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Hi Margie,

Agreed, you can’t trigger this directly from a sublist field.

However (and a lot depends on exactly what you’re trying to do), you might be able to get something to work if you set another field based on a change the to field you’re really interested in.

I’d probably start with trying Workflow Custom Field but a header field is another option.

I hope that makes sense and I’m very happy to answer any further questions.



Intermediate Answered 2 days ago.

Sorry I don’t quite understand what you are saying. So we have the situation where we have Product A that our customer order and about 97% of the time Product B is required with Product A is ordered. Our clients do not put Product B on their purchase order so I want to create an alert to remind the person entering the sales order to add Product B.

2 days ago.

Hi Margie,

So I’m saying that if Product A is selected then you update a Workflow Custom Field.

When the record is saved, you check that field and you’ll know whether Product A has been ordered.

You can then say something like “Have you remembered to order Product B”?

I think it might just be difficult to reliably block the message if they have put Product B on already.

I hope that makes more sense.



1 day ago.
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