RE: Is there a way to see a record of pick tickets? (WMS)

I want to make a saved search of any orders that have pick tickets printed, that have not yet been picked yet. Is that possible? I can’t see how to even tell if an order has had the pick report printed. It doesn’t show up in System Information.

tedbits Rookie Asked on September 16, 2019 in Inventory.
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I have the criteria set as (Location and Class would be optional depending on your set up);

Main Line is true
Type is Sales Order
Employee is all
UOM Type is all
Status is any of Sales Order:Partially Fulfilled, Sales Order:Pending Billing/Partially Fulfilled, Sales Order:Pending Fulfillment
Class is none of 04.04.03 Diploma Frames, Single Diploma, Diploma & Image, Diploma & Tassel, Diploma Frames Oth, Chairs
Location is 01 – Main Store-Central Campus
System Notes : Field is Printed Picking Ticket

The results are set like this (not grouped);

Document Number
Ship Via
Payment Event : Payment Method
Billing Address
Shipping Address


Rookie Answered on November 5, 2019.
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