RE: How can i load and edit a customer profile in a RESTlet?

I’m trying to write a Restlet in Suitescript 2.0 to get a customer record and edit its credit card field from an external mobile application. I access to the Restlet using a customer account and Oauth 2.0, and I need get his own profile and edit it, but the response is :

“INSUFFICIENT_PERMISSION\”,\”message\”:\”Permission Violation: You need the \’Lists -> Customers\

I can’t put the customer permission in List > Customers into the customer role, because netsuite platform doesn’t allow it. So… How can i do it!?… Help me, please!

function editCustomerCreditCard(requestBody) {

        var user = requestBody.customer

        var customer = record.load({
            type: record.Type.CUSTOMER, 
            id: user.internalid,
            isDynamic: true

        return JSON.stringify(customer)
Emiliano Rookie Asked 4 days ago in Other.
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You’ll probably need to refactor the script as a Suitelet and use the “Execute as role” setting in this case.

Beginner Answered 3 days ago.
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