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Please I need help to change the account id with GL Custom line  I’m using the following script


function customizeGlImpact(transactionRecord, standardLines, customLines, book)

var currLine = standardLines.getLine(0);

currLine.setMemo(“Iem Receipt”);

var currLine = standardLines.getLine(0);
currLine.setMemo(“Item Receipt”);


I get the following error message

TypeError: Cannot find function setCreditAmount in object$StandardLineImpl@254ba255. (INVOCATION_WRAPPER#6)

Thanks Dears to help

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fharrache2003 Rookie Asked on January 1, 2021 in SuiteScript.
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3 Answers

Same problem as the old code, go through the documentation linked before to see what you can and cannot do with standard lines. There are some shared methods between custom and standard lines, none of which allow you to set things.

Intermediate Answered on January 2, 2021.
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